Property in Spain News

Property in Spain News

Section for people wanting to buy, sell or rent property in Spain.

Euroresidentespublishes a daily weblog of headlines and newsfrom Spain. Some of our articles refer to important news and events affectingthe Spanish property market, a sector crucial to the state of the Spanish economyand to many foreign residents who own property in Spain, or who are consideringbuying or selling property in Spain.

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Spanishproperty market news in 2005:

  • Stateproperty rental agency ready for business
  • Demandfor holiday homes in the Costa del Sol may have reached peak (09/05)
  • Houseprices in Spain during 2005 (09/05)
  • Mortgagesin Spain - latest statistics (09/05)
  • Buyingrural property in Spain (08/05)
  • Buyingoff plan in Spain (08/05)
  • Gettinga Spanish NIE in the UK (08/05)
  • Rightsof tenants to buy rented property (08/05)
  • Lawyersin Spain (08/05)
  • Mortgagesfor non-residents in Alicante (08/05)
  • Buyingproperty in Spain (08/05)

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