Mortgages for non residents in Spain

Mortgages for non residents in Spain

Section for people wanting to buy, sell or rent property in Spain.

More and more peoplebuying property in Spain consider taking out a mortgage with a Spanish bank tofinance their purchase in this country. Not only expatriates or people movingto Spain, but also property investors, regular visitors to Spain etc.

Gettinga mortgage with a Spanish bank does have certain important advantages - low interestrates, favourable write off conditions, easier for taxpayers to sort taxes out,no expensive bank commissions caused by international bank transactions etc. Spanishbanks have targetted the non-resident property buyers as a lucrative group, andas a result a mind-boggling range of low-interest loans have invaded the marketin recent years.

For the past few years, Euroresidenteshas monitored the increasing number of products and loans offered by Spanish banksto non-residents in Spain, and we have advised several leading banks about theneeds of non-Spanish property buyers, the kind of services we expect from a bankin terms of flexible banking, language support, low interest rates, personalisedcustomer services, efficient online banking etc.

Eachweek we receive enquiries from property buyers seeking advice and informationabout getting a mortgage with a Spanish bank. In the same way that we help ourusers to contact reliable independent lawyers to represent their interests duringa property purchase to avoid future complications or disappointments, we can alsoput you in contact with representatives from three major Spanish banks offeringreliable services and mortgages to non-resident property buyers. We send out regularuser surveys to monitor the standards of service and products being offered bythese banks to clients forwarded on by us, because our commitment is to offerour users unbiased and professional advice.

SANTANDER CENTRAL HISPANO: During2006, perhaps partly influenced by its purchase of British bank Abbey, the SantanderCentral Hispano has greatly improved its understanding of the needs of non-Spanish(and particularly British) property buyers in Spain, and has adapted its structureand products to cater for them accordingly.

The SantanderBank is Spain's largest bank, and places corporate emphasis on international expansionand quality close customer relations. It has invested time and resources in improvingits ebanking interface in recent months, and the resulting online banking systemis straightforward, user-friendly and extremely secure. British clients who haveaccounts with Abbey also have the added advantage of low-cost international banktransfers.

For this reason Euroresidentes is now recommendingthis bank as the best option on offer for non-Spanish property buyers seekinga mortgage and other banking services with a Spanish bank. We will be happy toput any users interested in finding out more about products available accordingto their specific needs in touch with the Director of a Santander bank. Send anemail to [email protected] detailing your particular mortgage requirements (amount requested, estimated valueand locationg of the property you intend to buy and estimated yearly income) andyou will be contacted by a bank representative.

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